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TokyoCinema is a Tokyo based moving image productions in TV documentaries and Scientific Audio Visual headed by film maker OKADA Kazuo. This site made not only be a corporation advertisement but a good information resources of Visualized Biology, Natural History, Anthropology and Folklore of Japan and its surroundings.

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Preview Room for Streamig pictures
New virtual video archives operated by NPO Kagaku-Eizo-Kan title
"The Science Film Museum" which started in April 2007 is already
uploaded nearly 230 titles and one third of them are products from
us, TokyoCinema..
In this Preview Room you can see several classics in high quality
pictures with English narration.

On going production:
Dialogues of Diaspora

A Documentary on two diasporas in Kazakhstan 2004

AINU Past and Present @for The National Museum of Japanese History in Sakura
on the destiney of Dr. Niel G. Munro's film shot in 1930-36.

Observe Motilities Inside the Cell for JT Biohistory Research Hall in Osaka

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Life in the Abyss
Awarded GRAND PRIZE at the 43rd National Science and Technology Film and Video Festival, Tokyo 2002
The Award of the Chairman of the JAAP (Japanese Association of Audio-Visual Producers, inc.)
at the 12th TEPIA High-Tech Video Concoures, Tokyo 2002

You can purchase NTSC or PAL DVD-R in NTSC narration in English
Payment: via PayPal Biligual DVD-R costs US$300
The Sea in the Seed
- Sperm of Ginkgo biloba and Reproductive Evolution in Plants -

Awarded at the 41st National Science and Technology Film and Video Festival, Tokyo 2000
THE BEST RESEARCH FILM at 21th UNICAJA International Scientific Film Biennial, Ronda, Spain, 2000
TEPIA Grand Prix at the 11th TEPIA High-Tech Video Concoures, Tokyo 2001

You can preview this film with English narration at TEPIA home page by Windows Media (Full 35min. Length)
It is not downloadable. Picture quality in DVD-R is much better than streaming preview pictures.

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59min. Digest version with English narration was awarded at 44th Film and Video Contest on Japan

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Biology and Natural History

Marine Flowers

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Moon Jelly
Where there is life, there is motion part one
Where there is life, there is motion part two
Developmental Biology of an Aschidian, Halocynthia roretsi
Lords of Hokkaido
High Definition Video Image of Protozoa
Life of the Freshwater Sponge
The Sea in the Seed
The Life in the Abyss

Ethnography/Folklore/Traditional Cultures

Chatkhan and Hai Long Zither and Throat Singing of the Khakas from the Center of Asia
Lean to play Khomus the Jew's Harp of Sakha
IZAIHO of Kudaka-jima Island, Okinawa
UEPOTARA Exorcism rites of AINU in Nibutani, Hokkaido

Latest Productions

THE SEA IN THE SEED -Sperm of Ginkgo biloba and Reproductive Evolution in Plants-


100 Selected Sound-Scapes of JAPAN
Research and Collection of Moving Images on the people of north
Search on old AINU films


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