Activities of TokyoCinema, Inc.

TokyoCinema, Inc. was established in 1954 by OKADA Sozo (1903-1983) with the aim of producing documentary films of international and universal quality, of the fields of education, science, and culture.

In the initial period, Tokyo Cinema Co., Inc., produced a number of high-quality PR films for business corporations under corporations' sponsorship, and attracted wide attention from both overseas and domestic.

Also, after its re-organization of the company in the 1970s, it has produced TV programs which offers information on society and intellectual entertainment, while it has produced science films of high quality and highly reputation. One of the biggest appeals with TokyoCinema Inc. is that prominent staff and advanced filming equipment formation, supported by wide range of cooperative
staff, enables TokyoCinema Inc. to produce excellent and tangible films of nature, science, and human life.

TokyoCinema Inc. also has gained high reputation from commercial and public broadcasting companies for its films of attractive contents for TV special (and usually with a good length). Especially, TokyoCinema Inc. is outstanding in producing programs of natural and cultural themes, as it has abundant experience in filming throughout Japan from the northern tip to the southern end, for both spheres of land and underwater, owing to its sufficient and advanced filming equipment. Its expertise in overseas filming co-producing with overseas film-makers is also a precious asset.

There are not a few occasions that TokyoCinema Inc. proceeds filming with cooperation of experts and scholars at overseas local universities and institutes especially for scientific films, that require special techniques such as super closed shots, microscopic filming, and Time-lapse filming. To cope with various situations and purposes, filming equipment is obtained and arranged
to be swiftly carried to a designated sites and immediately available.

The staff members of TokyoCinema, Inc. are all qualified; experienced and familiarized with image anthropological themes, ethnological events, and rapidly fading traditional cultures and entertainment. They have faith and enthusiasm for preserving records of ethnological dynamism. For example, to produce a comprehensive film on a festival or ritual, a filming team is divided into a few groups to grasp every aspect at once, so that the finished film can disclose whole picture of the festival or ritual in such a manner that even visitors who went to site cannot cover.

For museums, universities, research institutes, and any other academic educational organizations, TokyoCinema Inc. stores a substantial volume of stock shots through diversified visual information networks, cultivated through exchange and tie-up with other international visual organizations and TV productions, such as Encyclopedia Cinematographica, whose headquarters is in Goettingen, Germany.

It also exhibits a variety of subjects from the nature, peoples and culture, plan and produce educational video packages. TokyoCinema Inc. promotes that museums will utilize more actively images and films. It carries out research, planning and producing of videos for preservation of cultural properties. It has co-worked with CRUMIM , Center for Research in Use of the Moving Image in Museum, Inc., an associate company founded in summer, 1994,

Since 1990, Tokyo Cinema Inc. has tried intensively to tie up with independent film-makers sprouted in various regions of the former USSR after corruption of the old totalitarian social structure. It also has promoted to provide such films to Japanese broadcasting stations, and Japanese local museums. Furthermore, from 1994, TokyoCinema Inc. has emphasized its business efforts to establish co-filming relationship with those independent film-makers. It has formed an efficient filming team, providing a set of NTSC/ENG equipment, made available to the overseas local staff at any time upon demand.

TokyoCinema Inc. is just about to grow as international multi-media production which delivers the best quality and art-of-state visual images for diversified TV programs, scientific video films, and corporate PR films, which will be accepted by clients of different cultures or those with different technological state, or those who live on different places on the earth.

started 1998.09.20. final update 1999.12.06.

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