TokyoCinema Inc. Company Profile:

1954 Established Tokyo Cinema Co., Inc.
1958 Established Science Films, Inc. an associate company of Tokyo Cinema Co., Inc.
1973 Incorporated the above two organizations under the company's name of Tokyo Cinema Inc, and re-structured the organization.
1994 Renamed to TokyoCinema Inc. (registered Japanese name Tokyo-Shinema-Shinsya was not changed)

The Sea in The Seed

Capital Subscribed: 10,000,000yen
Main Bank: Sumitomo Bank, Ichigaya Branch

Head Office:
Ichigaya Ito Heim #302, 7 Ichigaya-Tamachi-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0843, JAPAN
Phn: +813-3269-6751 Fax: +813-3269-6746 e-mail address:

Corporate Officers:

chief executive::
OKADA Kazuo (Producer)

Executive Director:
TANIGUCHI Tsuneya(Cameraman)
SHIMONAKA Hiroshi (not full time)
OKADA Masako (not full time)


Business Lines:

1. Plan, produce, and market films and video for the fields of education, science, and culture.
2. Plan and produce TV programs of the fields of education, science, and culture.
3. Provide specialized technical cooperation for filming (e.g., Micro, Macro, Time-lapse, High-speed, Underwater, etc.)
4. Run Stock Shot Library - rental of films and video produced by TokyoCinema Inc. on natural science, wildlife, etc., research and distribute for overseas film libraries, and store database on films.
5. Import films made by overseas film-makers tied up with TokyoCinema Inc., create Japanese version of these films, create video versions of such films, and market those in Japan.

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