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For the GLOBAL FAMILY of NHK, TokyoCinema crew recorded the first time for TV to record nature of Usti Yurt Plato in the Western Kazakstan. It was realized by the tight cooperation with local scientists and film makers.

TokyoCinema owns good enough equipments to provide long term documentaries, natural history expedition with highly qualified staffs. Recorded materials are edited by in-house brand new none linear editing systems. Those conditions made possible very economic productions keeping high quality contents.

TokyoCinema started TV productions in 1979. The first children program on wildlife "THE AMUSING ANIMAL ENCYCLOPEDIA" lasted for 2 and a half years and through this program, TokyoCinema established international ability of collection and production experience in natural history television program.

In early 80-ies, TokyoCinema sent own crew to eastern Hokkaido and together with the resident naturalist, famous writer/photographer Minoru TAKETAZU, started a long-term recording of natural history pictures. From those resources, several special TV programs were completed. Those works were recorded in 16mm color film stocks. The award wining program LORDS OF HOKKAIDO was the landmark of those projects.

In 1983, TokyoCinema decided to change the production style from film to video. From 1985, TokyoCinema became real production house for TV program.

From 1987, long term expedition on VCR recording of raccoon dogs in Hokkaido, TokyoCinema established wildlife shooting technique in VTR and trials of new experiments continues until now.

From the beginning of 90-ies, TokyoCinema created tight connections with film-makers in former Soviet Union who straggled for their freedom. TokyoCinema coordinated shooting for SUNDAY PROJECT on political and social subjects, and later started natural history productions in Kazakstan, Russian far north as well as in Baltic states. Also TokyoCinema is active for introduction of works produced partners in those countries.

Most of TV programs are with Japanese narration only and distribution rights are belongs to TV stations, however TokyoCinema keeps backup copies of those programs in which served as production associates. For requirements to preview we accepts demands case by case bases. Who wants to preview the copy, please contact us.

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