エンサイクロペディア・シネマトグラフィカ(EC)は、1952年に西独ゲッチンゲンの科学映画研究所(IWF) のG.ウォルフ教授の提唱で創設された国際的な学術研究と大学教育用の科学映像資料の収集運動です。我が国では、平凡社創業者、故下中弥三郎翁を記念し、科学教育研究の助成と振興を目的とする公益法人、財団法人下中記念財団(理事長下中邦彦)がEC日本ア−カイブズ(ECJA)を1970年に開設、同72年より公開しています。

ENCYCLOPAEDIA CINEMATOGRAPHICA is an international collection of film and video media, created by Prof. Dr. Gotthard WOLF, director of the IWF= Institute for Scientific Films in Goettingen, Germany in 1952. There are more than 3000 units of scientific visual documentation in the field of biology, ethnology and technical sciences are registered. EC Japan Archives was established a division of SHIMONAKA MEMORIAL FOUNDATION in 1970 and started public services from 1972.


ジャクソンカメレオンの捕食行動 E-1961
Highspeed record of the prey capture in Jackson's Camereon

Biological units
There are more than 1500 titles films and video in ethology, cell biology, embriology which requires moving images as an important research tool.

コートジボアール バウレ族の仮面舞踊
Mask dance of Baule in Ivory coast

Ethnological units
More than 1500 titles films and video units from all over the world introduces cultural events not easy to see or now vanishing.

Units from the Technical Sciences introduce many physiological or chemical phenomenons impossible to see by human eye.

錆の成長 鋼板上の糸状腐食 E-835
Development of stain on the steel plate

In Tokyo, autumn 1975, Prof. K Lorents and Prof. S. Tomonaga introduces an apeal signed by 15 Novel Lauriates for support to EC activities 
1975年秋 EC活動の強化を訴えたノーベル賞受賞15科学者のアッピールを発表するK.ローレンツ・朝永振一郎両博士と岡田桑三ECJA所長、下中邦彦下中記念財団理事長

ECJA/SMF 下中記念財団EC日本アーカイブズ


問い合わせ先:下中記念財団EC日本アーカイブズ phn:03-5261-5688 事務局担当 広川知志

ECJA/SMF is a full archives of the Encyclopedia Cinematographica, which keeps and shows all of the films or video included to EC. ECJA is a division of the Shimonaka Memorial Foundation. ECJA started from 1970 and opened to public from 1972. ECJA was deeply involved in world-wide activity of the EC. In 1975, ECJA published together with Prof. Dr. K. Lorenz and Prof. Dr. S.Tomonaga "15 Nobel lauriate scientist's apeal for strength the EC activities". In 1979 ECJA hosted International editorial boad meeting in Tokyo. Now ECJA stores not only EC units but useful in higher education and .research.


TokyoCinema participated to the establishment of the EC Japan Archives and management of archival activities. Also TokyoCinema contributed their own works for EC.

Mating behavior of red fox           IZAIHO in Kudakajima    Life Cycle of Moon Jelly        Reproduction of Salmon
キタキツネ 繁殖行動              沖縄久高島のイザイホー   ミズクラゲ 生活環              サケ 繁殖行動 

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